This course will examine Assessment for learning, by looking at a number of different techniques that you can select and try in your teaching.

This sessions provides an overview of how you can differentiate homework in a manageable way.

This session introduces you to the concept of 'solo taxonomy' where objectives and tasks are geared towards different cognitive abilities.

Ideas for supporting students whose first language is not English.

This session explores educational research and theory behind questioning techniques, examines the multi faceted nature of questioning and provides an opportunity to reflect on your own questioning strategies and techniques,.

This session provides an in-depth look at the multiple uses of objectives, including checking progress, assessment for learning and measuring learning.


This long course presents an overview of the work of psychologist Carol Dweck. Her influential ideas on Growth Mind-sets have been adopted by many educational institutions worldwide. She argues that when students and their teachers adopt Growth Mind-sets, learning becomes more fruitful.