This brief session provides a quick tour of some revision strategies that students can use in their learning, whilst using the technology that will make it more fun, engaging and productive. You can also use these ideas as methods of formative assessments or homeworks!

This session will take you through setting up your own / your subject Pinterest account, and how to join the City 6 (as an example) Pinterest. Use Pinterest as a quick way to find and share ideas.

This course will teach you how to embed timers into Powerpoint presentations.

This session takes you on a tour of Blendspace - an online lesson creator that helps to increase independent learning, use of ICT in class and learning and to engage students with a variety on resources. Take this session and learn how to make your own Blendspace lesson!

This session will introduce you to a tool that can be used to flip your classroom!

This session will demonstrate the use of Kahoot in learning. It will demonstrate how simple technology can add an interesting twist on assessment for learning.