This course is designed to help you develop effective teaching online using Microsoft Teams, OneNote and Forms.

Using these programs allows much greater interaction between teachers and learners than the VLE and email model does.  Communication, collaboration, support and differentiation are much easier to manage with Teams, OneNote and Forms.

They will work well with your current VLE and they are usable on any platform (from PCs, iPads/tablets and smartphones) or operating system (Windows, MacOS, ChromeOS, Linux, Android, iOS - any system with a browser).

Upload your Smartlog Health and Safety at Work certificate here for 1 CPD credit

This training session will provide you with key information about mentoring a CertEd/PGCE/PGDipE trainee who is studying at the City of Liverpool College (in partnership with the University of Huddersfield).

We will introduce you to information about the course, CPD credits, observation documents, managing concerns, opportunities for your own CPD, etc.

We encourage all mentors to attend, regardless of whether you have or have not mentored trainee in previous years.

This will be a presentation from SU Vice President Skye Turner on Gender Awareness 

This talk is being presented by a Mental Health First Aid Trainer who will discuss common mental health issues, wellbeing and how to promote it and help your students and each other

The session will focus on methods to develop students into more advanced learners by identifying and developing their skill sets