Peer observations are a great way to gain insight and feedback from your colleagues. You can find all of the relevant information and submission areas for peer observations, here.

Note: if you are doing peer observations as a 'big impact' CPD, then please use the 'Big Impact' area on your CPD dashboard instead.

Why peer observations?

The peer observation of teaching process provides both the observee and the observer with the opportunity to mutually enhance the quality of their teaching practice. It also provides an opportunity to disseminate good practice amongst colleagues by sharing thoughts on teaching practice and supporting each other’s development of teaching skills.

The peer observation of teaching is a cyclical, iterative and reciprocal process and not a one-off event.

The scheme should operate across departments, rather than within departments as has been the practice in previous years. This will enable a wider exchange of practice through staff observing and discussing teaching practice with colleagues from cognate disciplines.