Unseen observations are a great coaching opportunity, where you and a peer can work through lesson planning or tutorials together, and reflect on them at a later date. You can find all of the relevant information and submission areas for peer observations, here.

Note: if you are doing unseen observations as a 'big impact' CPD, then please use the 'Big Impact' area on your CPD dashboard instead.

Why unseen observations?

An unseen observation really does mean that no external person enters the teacher’s classroom and observes the teaching.

Instead, the teacher prepares their teaching, predicting the intended impact of their selected teaching techniques. Some like to call these predictions, hypotheses. Or in other terminology they are the teacher’s theories of action that reveal the reasoning behind the teaching actions.

Once written, the teacher shares this planning with either a peer, a coach or a manager. During their conversation, the pair will explore the assumptions behind the reasoning and consider any improvements. The teacher may, or may not, make revisions to the plan based on this conversation, and then goes ahead and executes the plan, unseen by the colleague.

After the teaching, at a time that is convenient to both but pretty soon afterwards, the pair reunite for a post conversation where the teacher reflects on the effectiveness of the lesson and soundness of the reasoning behind the plan.