Curriculum CPD Pathways 

First Year Qualified 

This course is designed to support your development as you move beyond your NQT year. 

As you move forward in your career, you will become more aware of college processes and assessment requirements of courses so that achievement is high.  You will want to collaborate, keep up to date with educational research as well as maintaining links to your vocational/academic field.  You will also be more aware of the need for consistent and rigorous IQA processes so that learners remain on track to achieve. 

If  this is you,  this pathway will help guide you forward and will also help you to structure your CPD to meet these needs.

For those looking to collaborate more, reflect and self evaluate their practice 

This pathway is recommended for experienced tutors who are passionate about continuously improving their TLA practice through research and implementation of evidenced based practice in the classroom.  This pathway will recognise your time spent researching as well as undertaking supported experiments and sharing your research with others, therefore contributing to the whole college