There are so many benefits of Teaching Squares - observing our colleagues, the 'experts' - in a more structured & reflective way. You'll find  here some ideas for reflection, how to organise your 'square' and how to get the best out of it. The evidence repeatedly tells us that engagement in this process does improve teaching and learning. It also reminds us how good we are as teachers!

This allows you the option to 'mix and match' these options. This means that it is possible to do all 3 observations here as unseen observations. It also allows for the option to do a mixture of the 3 methods for instance 2 peer observations and 1 unseen observation.

Reflecting on teaching and learning is central to effective professional development. IRIS Connect can really accelerate TLA practice that offers an insight into you own teaching practice and can help develop and support your teaching strategies. 

One of the central aims of unseen observations is to encourage the teacher to engage in a process of reflection and analysis of their theories.  Unseen observations are exactly as described. There is no observer entering the classroom. There is no disturbance to the dynamics so the students and the teacher are not adversley affected. All the work happens in the pre and post-lesson conversations.