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Whats happening in Maths this week?

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Whats happening in Maths this week?
by Rebecca Gooch - Monday, 18 September 2017, 1:01 PM

The GCSE groups will be working on BIDMAS and ordering and manipulating decimals.

As part of BIDMAS they will be looking at ensuring they have the correct order of operations and the purpose of brackets in equations to move an operation to a higher priority.

As part of ordering decimals we will be looking at last week's work on place value (eg asking why 4.33 is bigger than 4.303).

In manipulating decimals learners will be looking at applying the 4 Rules (+-x÷) in a reliable and repeatable manner with links back to last week's sessions on multiplication and division.

In vocational context this will focus on such areas as money (such as costing exercises and calculating totals eg £3.45 + £2.67) and measurement (eg converting 15mm to 1.5cm).

Here's a selection of videos that may be helpful to students.

- BIDMAS - ordering decimals - multiplying decimals -  dividing decimals


The functional skills groups are also looking at BIDMAS and place value although with a higher priority on whole numbers rather than decimal places. This will be necessary throughout any maths task to ensure operations happen in the correct order and to be able to order a series of numbers.

- place value