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Next week in Maths!

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Next week in Maths!
by Rebecca Gooch - Friday, 22 September 2017, 3:23 PM

Next week’s sessions for the GCSE students will continue with decimals, especially multiplying and dividing. Additionally the second session will be starting to look at indices.
In indices the students will be looking at the meaning indices as well as evaluating numbers in index form.
Eg https://www.missbsresources.com/files/Number/Worksheets/Rules_of_indicies2.pdf
In vocational contexts this may also reference formulae used, for example, in Electrical Installation.
Some example videos can be found here:

The Functional skills students will also be looking at decimals, particularly money and rounding.
In vocational contexts money questions can be adapted readily to costing exercises while decimals will more widely be referenced in converting units (eg 320cm is the same as 3.2m). Rounding will be used to show estimation of measurements (eg 3.9m is approx 4m) as well as resolving longer numbers for real life situations (eg £34.785 would be treated as £34.79 in real life).
Eg https://www.missbsresources.com/files/Number/Worksheets/FractionDecimalandPercentage.pdf
Some example videos can be found here: