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Next week in Maths

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Next week in Maths
by Rebecca Gooch - Thursday, 28 September 2017, 1:33 PM

Next week Maths groups will be undertaking landmark assessments and review weeks, developing SMART targets and reflecting on the course and their progress so far.


For both GCSE and Functional skills one of the key points for the learners is development of problem solving skills for the exam. This will involve use of a number of different skills in more open ended questions with multiple potential correct answers and viable approaches.


For example the groups might be asked to decorate a room and be provided with prices and details of the room then be expected to calculate amount and measurements of materials needed, costs involved, design a pattern to fit set criteria (tessellating, different ratios of colours/ shapes), make estimates and present details clearly in tables or lists. See the attached file for this example.