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This week in Maths!

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This week in Maths!
by Rebecca Gooch - Monday, 9 October 2017, 4:00 PM

This week the higher GCSE students will be looking at geometry and angles. In the second session they will be looking at perimeter, area and volume.


When looking at geometry and angles they will be measuring angles and applying angle facts (eg 180 degrees in a straight line, 360 degrees in a single full rotation). They will also be using angle facts to solve problems.


In vocational contexts angles are used widely, for example in architecture for engineering and construction, in different cuts of fabric in fashion, perspective in art and calculating trajectories for sport.


Area, volume and perimeter is used in construction, for example in calculating the volume of boilers or gas systems as well as in calculating available space for art installations.


The lower GCSE students will be looking at Prime numbers, factors and multiples, identifying prime numbers and breaking down numbers into prime factors.


Prime numbers have significant influence in computer and PIN security while factors and multiples will be used any time a task involves multiplying and dividing as well as in many algebraic formulae.


The functional skills groups will be continuing work with four rules including decimals, looking at total costs and measurements.


Some additional resources can be found here:








Some videos can also be found at:

– angle facts

– area, perimeter, volume – primes, factors and multiples - decimal arithmetic