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Health & Wellbeing Charity Event 05.12.2017

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Health & Wellbeing Charity Event 05.12.2017
by Rebecca Gooch - Monday, 20 November 2017, 11:26 AM

Health & Wellbeing Charity Event 05.12.2017 and aid of Daisy Inclusive UK.


Daisy Inclusive UK is a charity that helps the disabled and their families to reach their true potential.


We are raising money for Daisy Inclusive UK to help them fund the repairs of their Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA).


Come and take part in this event form 08.00am - 20.00pm on Tuesday 05.12.2017


What’s on offer?

•                     Inductions into the gym

•                     1:1 Personal Training Sessions

•                     Over 30 exercise sessions to attend

•                     Team exercise challenge

•                     Smoothies and healthy snacks

•                     Taster sessions for exercise and sports clubs

•                     Sport massage



Give yourself a challenge!!!

12 Hour Team Exercise Challenge

This team challenge will test your endurance physically and mentally.  This involves continuous exercise as a team for 12 hours 8am – 8pm. 

The challenge involves:

•             All team members to take turns cycling  for a period of time starting at 8am – 8pm

•             At least 2 team members taking part in an exercise session form 8am – 8pm

Minimum of 6 participants per team

There are 12 team spaces available for all to take part.


Fill in the team entry form and email this to rebecca.bates@liv-coll.ac.uk or give this in at The Learning Exchange, Room G34.